"an amazing drummer"


"incredibly organised, approachable, and a great communicator of musical ideas on all levels"


"My daughter was well impressed with your fabulous teaching. Thanks for your inspiration"




My workshops cater for all ages/levels beginning with basic rhythm, through to the most complex interlocking patterns from different areas of Ghana.  Workshops can include singing and dancing and are supported by additional video/recordings and information. No previous experience is necessary but I can build on any you have. kpatsa_cover_small.jpg

I have over 60 drums of my own, from various parts of Ghana, currently stored in Exeter, and can draw on more than 20 years experience of studying, performing and teaching African drumming internationally. I have published innovative ebooks (on CD) that combine information, notation, sound and video to provide a much more integrated experience for the learner. Titles dealing with Kpatsa and Ageshe  can be bought from Vivebooks .

Through my experience I have the ability to communicate on many different levels:-

  • Through living in Ghana I can talk about how music is used in everyday life and share songs and dance.
  • From my studies, I can talk technically about musical constructions and creativity.
  • From my teaching experience I know how to relate to different people and makes links between their interests and this beautiful music.

For more specific information or a quote for a workshop (when/where/how many people/level) please use the 'contact' page.  

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