Kobom_1989_small.jpgNorthern Ghana has amazing and beautiful large pentatonic xylophones. In 1989 I met a virtuoso player, Joseph Kobom, and studied with him, later returning to his home town of Nandom to further research and record the instruments and their music. I have transcribed many of the songs and also arranged some of them. You can play this music on western and classroom xylophones, learning from notation or aurally, but it's more fun on the real instruments.


Since 1994, I have visited Nandom regularly and was made an honorary chief (Maalu Naa) in 2013. I have recorded many hours of video of Nandom music, mostly of the Kakube Festival that happens at the end of November every year. So that everyone can access this, particularly the people of Nandom, I have uploaded most of the videos to a YouTube channel called Nandom Video Diary


Maalu Naa (with Prof. Dr Carola Lentz, Mainz University) 

There are easy pieces you can learn with little previous experience, such as the funeral piece, Derkpee.

��xylo_music_cover.jpgThis book is no longer available from White Cliffs Media although you may still find some secondhand copies out there. If you are interested in this music, please contact me and I will see what I am able to do to help.